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Upper And Lower Stretchers

1 The three carriers side by side single-legged on one side of the wounded person's body and put their arms under the shoulders, back, buttocks and lower limbs of the casualty, and then stood up to keep the wounded person's body in a horizontal position. Body twisted. The three men took a step at the same time and placed the wounded on a stretcher. One person who has or suspects cervical spine injury should be responsible for traction and fixation of the head and neck. The wounded person must not bend forward or backward, or sway or rotate. The actions of the four individuals must be the same, and the wounded should be taken care of at the same time and placed on a stretcher. In order to stand up, walk, put down, and other handling procedures, one medical staff must direct orders and act in unison.

2 The carrier may also have one leg that is brittle on both sides of the wounded person. One person on one side is responsible for pinching the waist and buttocks of the wounded person. The other person on the other side is responsible for the shoulders, back and lower extremities respectively. The wounded person's body must still maintain a horizontal position and must not be used. Body twisted.

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