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Nursing Work Car Material

Nursing work cars are divided into several categories. The first category is nursing work vehicles for nurses, which are mainly used between wards and nurses' stations. The second type is used in operating rooms, where medicines are put, and there are discharge devices. The third category is carts used to transport medical devices, as well as anesthesia vehicles used for anesthesia in the operating room, and case vehicles used for doctors' visits. These are collectively referred to as nursing work vehicles.

At present, there are basically three types of nursing work vehicles in the market. The first category is stainless steel work vehicles. These are mainly used for releasing instruments. Generally, they are used in operating rooms and showrooms. The second category is ABS. Mostly used between the wards and the nurses' station, the main purpose is to hold the patient's infusion needles, infusion tubes, gauze, etc.; in addition to ABS and stainless steel, there are steel spray, the third category is special areas The nursing car needs special treatment, such as degaussing, mainly because of some equipment needs in the operating room.

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