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Nurses Use The Dispensing Process Of Stainless Steel Drug Vehicles

(1) Wash hands first. Before the drug is dispensed, the two men recheck the drug according to the drug's original drug. After confirming the correctness, the drug can be dispensed.

(2) According to the stipulated time, the stainless steel drug delivery vehicle or ABS drug delivery vehicle will be pushed into the ward, and the bed number and order will be sent to the bedside cabinet.

(3) Check whether the number of the bed number and name are correct, and whether the drug name, concentration, dose, and time are in agreement.

(4) Assist the patient to take the medicine and confirm that the patient can take it before leaving.

(5) For critically ill patients, nurses should be fed. Nasal feeding patients should crush and dissolve the drugs and inject them into the stomach tube.

(6) Finally check it again.

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