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ABS Medical Care Car Related

The ABS medical nursing vehicle includes a base, four universal wheels at the bottom of the base, and a lifting adjustment bracket at the upper part of the base. A lifting platform is installed on the lifting adjustment bracket, and a seat is installed on the lifting platform. The first guide is installed on both sides of the lifting platform. And a second guide rod, a first sliding sleeve is mounted on the first guiding rod, a first bracket is mounted on the first sliding sleeve, and then the first supporting frame is hinged with one end of the movable plate, and the other end of the movable plate is hinged; A hook is assembled, a second sliding sleeve is mounted on the second guide bar, and a second bracket is mounted on the second sliding sleeve. It can solve the problems existing in the prior art, and can adjust the height according to the difference of the patient's body shape, so that the use of the patient is more handy, and it can provide the patient with a writing and eating platform to meet the needs of the patient.

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