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What kind of trolley armrest is good?

Whether it is a iron trolley or a plastic trolley, the handrails (handles) of the trolley are generally divided into two types - folding armrests and fixed armrests. When purchasing a trolley, the joint between the armrest and the panel must be taken care of, but the places where the handrail and the folding armrest need to be fixed are not the same.

1、Fixed armrest: The trolley that fixes the armrest, pay attention to the connection of the root and the board of the armrest. Conventional fixed armrests are welded to the surface of the iron plate so that the welded armrest joints are very susceptible to breakage. If the fracture is not serious, the welding can be repeated. If some of the fractures are serious, the board surface will be damaged directly, and the whole trolley will be scrapped. Therefore, it is important to choose the trolley with fixed armrests and the connection form of the armrests. The Shenyang handcart with fixed armrests produced by our company adopts improved technology---the root of the armrest is directly inserted under the surface of the trolley and then welded, so that the joint between the handrail and the panel is stronger and more resistant. With the bumps in the transportation process, there will be no breakage damage.

2、folding handrails: trolleys with folding handrails. It is common in Shenyang trolleys that the folding of handrails is easy to break. The reason for the break is that there is a small crossbar at the fold of the armrest, and each time the armrest is folded, the armrest is worn once, so it is very easy to cause the armrest to break. The folding trolleys produced by Shenyang Xinglongrui adopt a more advanced design at the handrails to avoid this problem and greatly extend the service life of the handrails.

In addition, the thickness of the steel plate used by the trolley itself can also be seen from the handrail of the trolley. If the handle of the trolley is bent at a position of 90 degrees, if there is wrinkle, it means that the steel plate used in the trolley is thin, and the thin steel plate will have wrinkles. The iron plate trolley produced by Shenyang Xinglongrui is 2.75 thicker than the ordinary Shenyang trolley. If it is sprayed, it can reach nearly three thick. This thickness, in the same industry, is thicker and stronger.

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