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Testing Instruments and Instruments Trolley

Detection instrument cart wheel polyurethane wheels, screw galvanized wheel frame, with the advantages of shock absorption and wear resistance, detection instrument cart is mainly used for laboratory supplies or equipment handling, not only convenient and flexible handling, and bearing Strong and durable.

The three-tier instrument cart is mainly used for the transportation of laboratory utensils or instruments, greatly reducing the burden on the staff. This type of trolley is divided into three layers: upper, middle and lower, all of which are flat, two universal and two universal wheels with brakes.

The material of the three-tiered stroller is high-quality 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. It has good corrosion resistance, and the solid frame is welded. It is even and firm. It has four grinding and polishing processes in the later stages, and the detail is in place. The wheel of the cart is made of polyurethane wheels. Rod galvanized wheel frame has the advantages of shock absorption and abrasion resistance, which makes the trolley not only convenient and flexible to handle, but also strong and durable bearing capacity; it is widely used in R&D and design department, instrumentation room, measurement and testing room, etc. Test use.

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