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Stainless steel medicine cabinet cleaning method

(1) Always scrub to avoid contact with alkaline materials.

(2) Dust on the surface of stainless steel cabinets and easy removal of dirt can be washed with soap, weak detergent or warm water.

(3) Contamination of grease, oil, and lubricating oil on the surfaces of stainless steel cabinets. Wipe them with a cloth and wash them with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or use special washing.

(4) There is bleaching agent and various acid attachments. Rinse immediately with water and dip with ammonia solution or neutral carbon soda solution. Wash with neutral detergent or warm water.

(5) The surface of the trademark, film, with warm water, weak detergent to wash, adhesive composition, using alcohol or organic solvents scrub.

(6) Stainless steel sink should not use hard steel ball, chemical agent or steel scrubbing when cleaning, use soft towel, soft cloth with water or neutral detergent, otherwise it will cause scratch or erosion.

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