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Maintenance Measures for ABS Instrument Vehicles

Before cleaning the ABS cart, if there is a power connection, please turn off the power first, and be careful when water or detergent enters the equipment and accident occurs. ABS medical vehicle maintenance measures:

1. Soak soft cotton cloth with water and screw it to eight points.

2. Carefully wipe fingerprints or other smudges on the surface of the car body.

3. Apply cleanser to cotton cloth and rub evenly.

4. Then wipe the stain area with a cotton cloth until the stain is removed.

5. Wash the cotton cloth in clean water and remove the detergent from the cloth.

6. Screw to eight minutes until it wipes away the body cleaner residue.

This maintenance time is generally suitable for 2-3 weeks as a cycle of maintenance, daily maintenance with a cotton cloth and clean water can be wiped.

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