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How to use the stretcher

1.shovel stretcher

The shovel stretcher consists of two aluminum alloy plates on the left and right. When carrying the wounded, first place the injured person in the supine position, fix the neck, and then insert the left and right pieces of the stretcher from the side of the injured person into the back, and then carry it after fastening.

2.negative pressure inflatable cushion type fixed stretcher

The use of a negative pressure inflatable padded stretcher is the best tool for handling multiple fractures and injuries to the spine. The inflatable cushion can properly fix the entire body of the casualty. When in use, the pad is first inflated and then flattened, the wounded person is placed in the pad, the air in the bag is taken out, the air cushion can be hardened, and the wounded person is firmly fixed therein, and can be kept stable during the transportation.

3.basket stretcher

Also known as "Stoke Basket", there are two types commonly found on the market: aluminum alloy type; synthetic resin type; its shape is similar to its name, like a "boat". When carrying the trapped person, the trapped person is placed in the stretcher, and the stretcher is “closed” inside the stretcher with the front side of the flat belt on the “protrusion” edge. This will not cause the trapped person to leave the stretcher due to the displacement of the stretcher (such as flipping and shaking). Behind the security, there are also some hidden dangers. If the trapped person is overweight, and the sling that is tied to the front side is too tight and the operation time is too long, it is easy to cause the trapped person to have chest tightness and suffocation. The situation in the North American fire industry that the trapped person died in a basket stretcher due to improper disposal is called “iron coffin” (the early basket stretchers were mostly aluminum alloys).

4.roll stretcher

Also known as the "Sked", it is similar in use to the basket stretcher, but is lighter in weight (8 to 12 kg) and can be rolled up in a roller or backpack. Its raw material is a special synthetic resin, which is corrosion-resistant and generally orange. The roll stretchers on the mainland market are mostly similar products of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In the North American fire industry, the behavior of trapped people inside the roll stretcher due to improper operation of rescuers is called “wrapped cloth” (early roll stretchers are mostly made of high-strength canvas).

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