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ABS multifunctional nursing bed use matters

1. Multifunctional electric medical bed, first check whether the power cord is firmly attached before use. The controller cable is safe and reliable.

2. The wire and power cord of the controller linear actuator must not be placed between the lift link and the upper and lower bed frames so as to avoid accidents caused by the wire being cut off.

3. After the backboard rises, the patient lies on the panel and must not be pushed.

4, people can not stand on the bed to jump, when the backplane rises, people sit on the backboard or standing on the bed panel, shall not be implemented.

5. After the universal wheel is braked, it is not allowed to move or move. It can only be moved after releasing the brake.

6. Do not push horizontally to avoid damaging the raised guardrail.

7. The road surface will not be pushed in order to prevent damage to the universal wheel.

8. When using the controller to control the medical bed, the buttons on the control panel can only complete the action of the button command one by one.

9. Before the multifunctional electric medical bed moves, it must be cut off, and the power controller must be wire wound in order to promote it.

10. When the multifunctional electric medical bed needs to be moved, the lifting guardrail should be lifted to prevent the patient from falling and being injured during the movement.

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